This three-headed dragon is smaller than it appears on the page. It is often found in gardens where super hot peppers are growing. It has to eat something.
It is a native to the American Southwest, and Mexico, but can be found where any gardener seriously grows hot peppers. It stands about 5 inches tall and can climb up the stalk of the pepper plant., its tails wrap around the stalk to balance him as he eats the peppers.

So if you grow peppers and you notice they are disappearing, or have 3 sets of little bites, you may have a 3 headed dragon in your garden. Do not attempt to capture with bare hands.

The best way to lure them out would be with bowls of hot salsa at night. Once you confirm their presence in your garden there are 2 ways to handle them. The first is to stop growing peppers. The other way to grow hotter peppers in another part of the garden, away from the peppers you wish to use yourself.