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The Heart Beast has a chest creature that resides inside it. It can only live 3 days without it.

The whole beast, the chest creature and host, can change into a human form, which it uses a decoy to get close enough to attack humans when no one else is looking. If you can spot the signs of a heart beast in human form you may have a chance to survive.

  1. A terrible hairstyle- like cotton candy made out of old urine.
  2. Feet that stink terribly, smelling like rotten eggs that have marinaded in sewage.
  3. In speech they use more S's then they should. In general, their grammar is terrible. This is most noticeable when threatening to nuke other countries, or retweeting racist comments.
  4. There is wiggling under its shirt.
  5. A complete lack of empathy for anybody that is not him.

If you suspect its a heart beast make sure you are never alone in a room with it (also do not elect him president).