The MonoOculus Octopus is a squid-like creature, also known as a SquawkApus. It has 8 legs, a body/head combo with 1 multifaceted eye that reflects light so he can see in the dark.

The beak is on its underside between all of its tentacles. It eats shell-fish like clams and lobsters, and it likes to hog them so it is quite self-fish.

Its natural predator is the WaterChamilion and the HeatSensingShark, which prey on all Squawkapie by sensing their unique heat signatures. The Squawkapie are very warm. They boil their prey using self-heated squirts of water.

Another natural enemy of the MonoOculus are the MerPeople who hunt it for sport and display its jewel-like eye as a trophy.